May 6, 2014

Robyn: This will be a beacon when I'm gone gone gone.

Robyn, rocking a Bowie-esque mullet and bleached eyebrows, has just released her latest collaboration with her fiance, Max Vitali. This time it's a commercial for Volvo Sweden. It's typically beautiful and edgy and serene, all in a just two minutes, thirty seconds.

The Royksopp collaboration in the commercial, Monument, is my most anticipated song this year. I keep playing the snippets on a loop. In a short time we'll have the full EP...

Volvo Commercial

Monument (snippet)

Read a lengthy new interview with Robyn here.


Unknown said...

DY.ING. to hear monument if full.

It's also my most anticipated song of the year right now. From the sound of it I think it's definitely "next level" for her. A bit of an evolution.

I seriously cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

xolondon said...