April 19, 2014

Record Store Day and my vinyl obsession

Record Story Day has finally arrived. I just talked to a friend of mine who's waiting in a long line. I've been spending every week on vinyl for most of 2014, so I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been collecting. These images come from my instagram - feel free to follow me!

I bought this UK 12" single because of the gorgeous Jean Baptiste Mondino image and the fact it's in my Top 5 Eurythmics songs.

Wham's UK 12" of Freedom. Pretty boys, big "frosted" hair.

My favorite Aztec Camera album and one of the prettiest LP covers of the 90s. This one is hard to find, perhaps because of the beauty.

This is the 7# UK single - it's actually got a better cover than the 12" which I also own. The Style Council was spot on with their design. I have some espadrilles that make me think of this image when I wear them. Except I'm not lounging around next to the Seine.


The American pressing of Vacation, circa 1982. Notice the attention to detail, from the inner sleeve to the album label.

We were well into the cassette era when this came out, but the album is musically flawless and the artwork is, again, by Mondino.

Fashion icon Helmut Newton shot this rare image of Sade with her hair down for the 12" UK single of 1985's Is It A Crime, her most perfect song.

BowWowWow's poppiest classic is in my hot hands because she was a definitive style icon of the early 80s.  If certain poplet's today want to class it up, they'd do well referencing the mohawk, prom dress and combat boots style of Annabella Lwin. Disastrously, Lwin was kicked out of this band before the album promotion ended because she was... too popular.

A full list of my vinyl is here on Discogs. I am rebuilding after selling most of my collection in a pique of anxiety in 2008. Friend me on Discogs and follow me on Instagram to see more vinyl as I buy it.


Jason @ Electric Avenue said...

This post warms my heart! Our best RSD yet!

disko interruptus said...

Oh, Steve! I have Raw Like Sushi on vinyl....one of my treasures. Oh, and Do You Wanna Hold Me is my favourite BWW song (and there are a few)!