February 26, 2014

Spring Songs #4: The D Word

Understand this: The first truly great album of 2014 is out of left field: Love, Marriage & Divorce by Toni Braxton and Babyface. These tunes are solid 1992 'face and Toni, all creamy smooth and swinging lowwww.

The album's closer, The D Word, is notable for some lush instrumental passages. If you want an up-tempo, check out the phenomenal, slutty Sweat.

The LP is primarily duets, but there are some solo tracks, the best of which is (surprisingly) Babyface's I Hope That You're Okay. That one is actually kind of sweet, while the next song, Toni's self-composed retort - I Wish - has this howler line:
I hope she gives you a disease, so that you will see. Not enough to make you die, but only make you cry, like you did to me. 

Seriously, this record is the JAM.


Demetrius said...

Indeed it is. Rollercoaster has taken me BACK to the time when an album cut was hopefully a future radio single (smash)! And otherwise, just getting played over and over and (happy sigh) over again.

xolondon said...

Rollercoaster was actually the one I downloaded as a test to see whether I wanted the LP! Such a good album...

(thx for commenting!!)

Darryl said...

So, I love Toni and Babyface big time and squealed with delight when I hear Hurt You and the album was coming. I've become obsessed with it - the more I play it the more I want to play. It's pure class.

xolondon said...

One of the albums of the year, Darryl! There are no duds on it.