December 11, 2013

Autumn Mix #11: Midland / Grand Union

When I first heard Arthur Beatrice's previous 2013 single Grand Union, I thought to myself, "Is organic pop by male vocalists coming back?" And then, nevermind the pun of Bea Arthur, this single appeared and I realized the answer isn't so simple, because Arthur Beatrice is a four-person band, none named Arthur. They actually have two lead vocalists, Orland Leopard (yes!) and Ella Girardot. This is bass / drums / keyboard / guitar, with slivers of electronics, and it sounds remarkably fresh.

Ella leads this gorgeous new song...

The Orlando-led Grand Union has moments of beauty that give me chills (check 3:20, when the choral vocals come in after a lengthy middle eight).

Arthur Beatrices's debut album, Working Out, is due on February 24. They're on iTunes worldwide now. File them in the A's, not the B's!

The band has upcoming dates... including Spring shows in the US

Dec 11 Cargo. London…ce/cargo/745883
Feb 13 Privatclub. Berlin
Feb 15 Fireworks Festival, Fleche d'Or. Paris
March 3 Rough Trade Brooklyn, NY
March 4 Schuba's Chicago, IL
March 6 The Chapel San Francisco, CA
March 7 Echo Los Angeles, CA


Anonymous said...

Did you go to their show at Cargo last night?

xolondon said...

I didn't, did you? I should ask around. A friend saw them in Paris recently and said they're great live.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was good, you should have gone. One of the opening acts were and are ones to watch for sure.

xolondon said...

I'm in America! Might see them in NY

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, I just assumed from the username... yeah go.