October 23, 2013

Autumn Mix #8: What's Going On?

Monsieur Adi has been doing brilliant mixes over the past several years, especially his underground reworkings of Madonna classics and a number of upcoming artists. It's not unusual that his mixes actually better the original track he's worked on. His trademark is grandeur, usually in the form of big synthy orchestrals. This new track, What's Going On?, bears that hallmark and an original vocal line from new UK artist A*M*E. The video is also notable for Adi's unveiling - he's usually hidden behind a mask or something.  Why, I don't know. He's cute!

I love the interpolation of Soul II Soul's late 80's - has it been that long? - classic, Back To Life. Adi's done some big mixes recently, including one for Bey's non-single Grown Woman and a new Two Door Cinema Club track, Changing Of The Seasons. More is coming.

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