October 30, 2013

Autumn Mix #9: I Blame Myself

When the focus is on her music, Sky Ferreira is solid gold. Her creepy-covered debut album is fizzy rock with pop melodies throughout. I think the game changer is I Blame Myself, a song that works on two levels, one as a blazing pop track and the other as a self aware confessional.

Amazing. I love the... middle eight at 2:30.

October 23, 2013

Autumn Mix #8: What's Going On?

Monsieur Adi has been doing brilliant mixes over the past several years, especially his underground reworkings of Madonna classics and a number of upcoming artists. It's not unusual that his mixes actually better the original track he's worked on. His trademark is grandeur, usually in the form of big synthy orchestrals. This new track, What's Going On?, bears that hallmark and an original vocal line from new UK artist A*M*E. The video is also notable for Adi's unveiling - he's usually hidden behind a mask or something.  Why, I don't know. He's cute!

I love the interpolation of Soul II Soul's late 80's - has it been that long? - classic, Back To Life. Adi's done some big mixes recently, including one for Bey's non-single Grown Woman and a new Two Door Cinema Club track, Changing Of The Seasons. More is coming.

October 16, 2013

Autumn Mix #7: In The Red

Holy Ghost's new album Dynamics blew right by me when it was released a month ago. The first half of the record has a kind of meh "modern rock" sound (think Phoenix), but the latter half is heavily influenced (blatantly so) by Tangerine Dream. That translates into a kind of sleek elegance. The album's penultimate song, In The Red, is such a smooth dream... the warmest song on the record and my shortest fave of the year.

I included a pic of the band because the Robert Longo artwork on the album cover freaks me out.

October 15, 2013

The beauty that is Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I tweeted yesterday that I am continually stunned by how insanely beautiful Sophie Ellis-Bextor is. First I saw this image from her new album cover Wanderlust, above, and then I saw this preview video....

It sounds lovely.

Autumn Mix #6: Agoraphobia

When Autoheart released their debut album Punch back in July, it felt like something was wrong. But it wasn't the music: the band honed this solid collection of piano-based songs for several years. It finally occurred to me that the height of summer was not the ideal time to become enveloped in what is really a fall album. The songs have a crispness, both musically and lyrically, and sense of sad romanticism that's missing from pop in 2013. And Jody's voice is unlike any other - he's a tight-jeaned reincarnation of a 1920's torch singer.

And so here we are, talking about Punch and this glorious track, Agoraphobia, at the right time. It's that simple. 

Check the swirling "I don't really wanna go anywhere" middle eight - so beautiful. 

Buy Punch here. It's worth your money.

October 6, 2013

Autumn Mix #5: Drew

As I said in Idolator last month, Drew is distilled Goldfrapp, with evocative images of a “falling lemon moon” and an exhilarating moment at 2:10 where the song (and video) goes widescreen with soaring stings. So beautiful and certainly a perfect song for the changing seasons.