July 4, 2013

Song of Summer #13: Flatline

Years in the making, MKS are back. Fans were popping Xanax from the anxiety.  I love Flatline, though I think the reaction will be a bit muted because there is always a desire for a group like this to come back with a banger. What I'd say is that there's something about these three women's harmonies that lends itself to deeper emotion. They are not channeling EDM a la Ellie, m'kay? [sips tea] What we do get with Flatline is a slayer of a lyrical hook "Stay gone, darling, I can't hang on..." a proper melody and a slow build that works up to pounding drums and guitars, with Mutya, Keisha,  and Siobhan's voices right up front. And that gorgeous, tinkly fade is chill inducing.

The other thing I should note is that this doesn't bear a heavy stamp of producer Dev Hynes recent airy productions (I love him, by the way). It seems like a conscious step away from that sound which, as Sky Ferreira recently noted, is basically owned by Solange

Excited to see where this group goes...

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