June 21, 2013

Song of Summer #3: Modern Hearts

If you have the chance to see either The Knocks or St. Lucia play live, leap at it. The former manages to make a set with no vocalist seem invigorating, perhaps because they've notched up the dueling drummers visuals with glowing drumsticks. (!) Their tracks are so ebullient. St Lucia is equally thrilling and all about serious musical chops. The (gorgeous and not teenaged) band is in this for the long haul: all of them appear to be heavily skilled. The sound they create is enormous. I'd only flirted with their music before seeing them live back in December and now I am a serious convert.

Modern Hearts is perfect marriage.

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Jason R Fisher said...

There are a slew of great remixes of this track. Seek out the Night Drive Remix, Gold Room Remix and, for a brit-rock inspired turn, the Blackie Remix.