November 3, 2012

Solange, speaking her truth (in mismatched clothes)

The amazing-to-me Solange Knowles has announced her new EP, True, out November 27. Six new songs, plus her brilliant single, Losing You. Obsessed with that tune.. "I don't know why I fight it. Clearly we are through." The True tracklist is: Losing You, Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work, Locked in Closets, Lovers in the Parking Lot, Don't Let Me Down, Look Good With Trouble, and Bad Girls.

Until then, The Guardian did a piece on Solange...

She did let slip that the new songs are sad, though not because she's miserable. "Dev had just broken up with his girlfriend, so we closed ourselves away in this house in Santa Barbara and wrote the story of the end of his relationship." So the album is actually all about someone else's pain? "That's right! I'm actually pretty happy right now. But 'I'm happy!' doesn't really work over 12 songs, does it?"

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