November 15, 2012

Rihanna: I want you to stay

Rihanna performed her new ballad Stay on SNL this weekend and it was... amazing. A perfect song, a perfect performance. Click on the image above or stream a live rip below. This track reminds of how seriously in decline radio is these days. No one is writing songs anymore, but this one is an Adele-level beauty. Say what you will about Rihanna's messy life, there is no denying she has major talent / X factor.

My friend Robbie Daw is currently on Riri's 777 week-long world tour. You can see his posts at Idolator or follow him on Twitter. If he lives to tell the tale, it will be a hot one!

Update: Alexis Petridis reviews Unapologetic over at The Guardian.


mr-fitz said...

Now, I like Rihanna. A LOT. She definitely has something but I think you'd be hard pushed to call it talent. it's more charisma than talent

Mike said...

I don't know how "Half of Me" ( didn't make the "final" cut!!!

xolondon said...

It IS on the deluxe!

Mike said...

Yep... just figured it had the potential to be a single!