November 26, 2012

Baby, don't save me now

HAIM are like the boho-pop daughters of Fleetwood Mac. HAIM are like the pop music version of HBO's GIRLS. They are hair-tossin', effortless, Laurel Canyon-y goodness. And Don't Save Me is their Big Pop Moment. Three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana: learn their names now because their album is going to SLAY 2013.

I can't go on if your love ain't strong. PREACH HAIM, PREACH.
Don't Save Me is on iTunes now.

*this is not hyperbole, mkay?

1 comment:

CarolynG said...

LOVE.THIS. I mean this in the best way, it's refreshing and totally unexpected in the sea of over-produced Britneys & Christinas. *dating myself terribly*