November 29, 2012

You're an indigo

New Swedish girl singer Frida Sudemo, with her truly epic debut single, Indigo. And that, my friends, is all I know... bring on 2013.


Whatever they said
Whatever they misread
I'm illuminated
You're an indigo

What they cut
You're able to build up
There's no doubt in my mind
You're an indigo

November 26, 2012

Baby, don't save me now

HAIM are like the boho-pop daughters of Fleetwood Mac. HAIM are like the pop music version of HBO's GIRLS. They are hair-tossin', effortless, Laurel Canyon-y goodness. And Don't Save Me is their Big Pop Moment. Three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana: learn their names now because their album is going to SLAY 2013.

I can't go on if your love ain't strong. PREACH HAIM, PREACH.
Don't Save Me is on iTunes now.

*this is not hyperbole, mkay?

November 23, 2012

Pay attention to... Lexy And The Kill

I love Scotland, so it's always a thrill when a band comes along that evokes - to my ears anyway -  that country's history, landscapes and moodiness. Lexy And The Kill have just released their first track and it's superb. The quintet's sound reminds me of a bit of what the brilliant Rose Elinor Dougall did with her last LP. You never know how a band is going to stretch out after one good song, but all the elements are in place if they really focus on amazing songs. Lexy, who is only 20 but has a voice like a smoke ring, says...
My band and I have supported the likes of Paloma Faith and We Are Scientists and after much hard graft, Rope Swing is the first little track to go out into the big wide world! It's loosely based on Ian McEwan's novel On Chesil Beach (don't let that put you off!!!) and I wrote it on my best friend's windowsill.

Here is Rope Swing, which you can download for free:

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November 15, 2012

Rihanna: I want you to stay

Rihanna performed her new ballad Stay on SNL this weekend and it was... amazing. A perfect song, a perfect performance. Click on the image above or stream a live rip below. This track reminds of how seriously in decline radio is these days. No one is writing songs anymore, but this one is an Adele-level beauty. Say what you will about Rihanna's messy life, there is no denying she has major talent / X factor.

My friend Robbie Daw is currently on Riri's 777 week-long world tour. You can see his posts at Idolator or follow him on Twitter. If he lives to tell the tale, it will be a hot one!

Update: Alexis Petridis reviews Unapologetic over at The Guardian.

November 4, 2012

Autoheart's in control

Autoheart officially release their single Control on November 5. Back in January, when the band released the video, I had this to say...
The video is notable - to my eyes anyway - for two things: a cute white dog trotting along at 1:30 and lead singer Jody's arms and hairy chest. Or is that really 4 things? Whatever, the song is blazing.
The album is called Punch. No date on that, but we do know Control has a killer b-side: a cover of Bronksi Beat's Smalltown Boy

Hear more of Autoheart on their Soundcloud.

November 3, 2012

Solange, speaking her truth (in mismatched clothes)

The amazing-to-me Solange Knowles has announced her new EP, True, out November 27. Six new songs, plus her brilliant single, Losing You. Obsessed with that tune.. "I don't know why I fight it. Clearly we are through." The True tracklist is: Losing You, Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work, Locked in Closets, Lovers in the Parking Lot, Don't Let Me Down, Look Good With Trouble, and Bad Girls.

Until then, The Guardian did a piece on Solange...

She did let slip that the new songs are sad, though not because she's miserable. "Dev had just broken up with his girlfriend, so we closed ourselves away in this house in Santa Barbara and wrote the story of the end of his relationship." So the album is actually all about someone else's pain? "That's right! I'm actually pretty happy right now. But 'I'm happy!' doesn't really work over 12 songs, does it?"