October 29, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why Grace Jones Is God

Anyone who attended Miss Grace Jones' Saturday night show at Roseland will know that it was a master class in how to entertain. Aside from the crazy hats and a couple of other props, there was nothing but Grace and her enigma. She has more athleticism and energy than mortals half her age (she is 64) and she owned that audience.This was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons Why Grace Jones is God...

10 Her shoes were fucking epic.

9 Grace's ongoing banter whenever she left the stage, which ranged from frequent exhortations to "Keep it tight!" to her declaration that she needed to "suck some dick" (needless to say, that went down well). At one point she even did an Irish accent - it's not that far off Jamaican patois - while talking about a lover.

8 She sounded fantastic for two solid hours. How does she do it at 64?  I was also surprised by how great the band and arrangements were. The details were there, even for a one-off show. Her pretty son Paolo Goude was a member of the band and opened for her with a brief set. 

7 Grace straddling (and pounding) the huge drum for Feel Up. 

6 I totally bought the schtick with Grace bitching from the stage at the dude ("Mr. Union Man") running her spotlight. "There's no one over here!" she exclaimed, gesturing to the spotlight hitting nothing to her right. "Are you getting your dick sucked?" she asked halfway through and, toward the end, "I think you really did cum. Did he swallow?"

5 We loved it when Grace pulled that guy Geoffrey out of the audience to dance with - and get molested by - Grace. Who wouldn't want that experience? Loved how he was carrying a tote bag the whole time and dressed in a Penguin Prison shirt  (which Grace had him take off and give her). Also loved how he brought out a glass of red wine to her in the next song. Read his account of the night here.

4 Grace fucking up La Vie En Rose was perhaps the greatest live moment of any show I've seen.  Check out this clip, especially at about 2:05. She looked so gorgeous in the top hat and tails (see image above), spinning slowly on the turntable, laughing at herself. I've always loved the "runs' on that song, when she holds the "la vieeeeee." So beautiful. She'd last performed at Roseland in 1978 and there were ghosts of the disco era while she sang this song. So many of those 70's icons are dead, but here was Grace, more alive than ever. It was also sweetly professional of her to re-do the beginning at the end of the song. 

3 The surging "I've got the Williams blood in me" parts of Williams Blood were really compelling live. I know anyone at the show will get what I mean. Those guitars gave me chills.

2 Slave To The Rhythm may very well be my all-time favorite song. I live my whole life to it. Until the performance came, I had not considered the "bucket list" experience of seeing Grace perform it live. She doesn't tour, so you have to take any chance you can to see her. As was expected, she did a lengthy version during which she hula-hooped the whole time. Amazing. A Life Moment.

1 The kismet of Grace performing the night before a major storm. It's a quintessential New York Moment to face a major hurricane by dancing the night away. That the show closer was the Bondian title track of her last album, Hurricane, seemed too perfect. There was Grace, in front of a wind machine, hanging onto a pole while her huge cape flowed behind her.

If you get the chance to see her, Grace puts on a show worthy of long distance travel and big $$. She is a destination.

Not sure who took that picture, but thank you!


John said...

My jealousy at this moment knows no bounds.

countpopula said...

I will be kicking myself for years having not gone to this, but the personal timing was just bad. Sounds absolutely immense!

Hope you made it home OK before that bitch Sandy arrived!