July 9, 2012

Rule #3: Wear your heart on your cheek

The SOLID new single from Marina & The Diamonds. This is on the superior American version of the album. Yes, Living Dead has been cut, but that song is the most old school of the pack. The verses for Heartbreaker are incredibly radio friendly, but the gorgeous middle eight is classic Marina. A Benny Blanco/Dr. Luke production, this is further evidence of how skilled Marina is at retaining her own voice when working with mega producers. She possesses too strong a personality to let herself be overwhelmed.

And as usual, the lyrics are quite witty for a big radio tune. Well done, Marina.


writing_music said...

I've been meaning to check out Marina's album for so long, so when I saw this post, I listened to the track... and then immediately had to go listen to the rest of the album. So good. Thanks for posting!

dishy said...

I just finally got around to pounding the new album into my head over the weekend and I am happy to say it is a fucking winner!