July 16, 2012

Quote Of The Week: Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos

The new
Passion Pit album, Gossamer, has the same uplifting mood as last year's brilliant summer record by Foster The People. While the songs are often lyrically dark - one song features a man being lifted out of a bloody bathtub - they are generally uptempo and laced with swirls of strings. My favorite track so far is Love Is Greed - it boats one of the best middle eights of the year.

You can stream the album in full at NPR this week... do it!

Recently, singer/songwriter Michael Angelakos
spoke to Pitchfork about songwriting and said this, bless him...
I’m really obsessed with perfect songwriting craftsmanship. I don’t think a lot of people in music today care about that. Maybe Dr. Luke does, because he has a formula– but it’s a terrible one, and it’s not going to last.
I applaud him for being honest, Dr. Luke's has done some classic pop tunes (Teenage Dream!), but his hit-maker method has dominated radio for two years and the result is now a bunch of "radio" records that sound exactly alike. Take a girl like Nicki Minaj and make her into Jessie J? You've got a problem there. Angelakos cites classic songwriters like Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin. Not the usual icons for an indie pop star, but you can hear his attention to melody and detail on Gossamer.

The first album taster was Passion Pit's recent single Take A Walk...

Gossamer is out July 24. The iTunes version has an extra track, American Blood. the band just canceled the first six dates of their tour so Angelakos can work on his "mental health." Hope he is okay!


John said...

To Dr Luke's defense, people come to him and tell him what they want. But yeah, can we have something new please? I'll check this out tonight.

xolondon said...

I have added a link that explains more about the method. People come and tell him they want a hit.

John said...

There have been several articles recently on a similar topic with different perpetrators:



At least with Harrell, he's attempting to bring some individuality out, even if it's via Frankenstein's laboratory.

xolondon said...

The Ester Dean piece depressed me at the time and I rented on twatter about it. blech.

Will read the other one asap!