April 1, 2012

Q1: Saved by the ball

In no order, my Top Songs for the first quarter of 2012. I put on just one song by each artist. You can hear/see these tunes by clicking on the title...

Love Spent
I Belong In Your Arms
Lana Del Rey Radio

King Of Hearts
Sam Sparro The Shallow End
Bim Scream
Bright Light Bright Light Blueprint
Jessie Ware Running

School of Seven Bells Lafaye

Rufus Wainwright
Out Of The Game
Snow Patrol New York
Gossip Perfect World
Graffiti6 Goodbye Geoffrey Drake

Emeli Sande
Smash Cast Crazy Dreams

Richard Walters Young Trees
Active Child Hanging On from 2011
Ren Harvieux Open Up Your Arms

Saint Etienne Tonight

What did I forget?


Worthy recent albums:
Chairlift, Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Richard Walters EP

What's coming:
Rufus Wainwright, Gossip, Bright Light Bright Light, Cassie, Garbage, Sam Sparro, Jessie Ware, Ren Harvieu and the EBTG remasters!

Disappointments: Emeli Sande, Ladyhawke


D'luv said...

Personally, I love Lana's "National Anthem" more than "Radio"...

Also, no love for Santigold "Disparate Youth" or Cover Drive "Twilight"?

Brendan H. said...

Isn't that single, Black & White & Blue, pretty ace? I find it to be quite catchy. Granted, the rest of the album may not be up to that standard. But is it so grim?

xolondon said...

Santigold Shmantigold

The Ladyhawke is just not magic. To my ears, anyway. You can hear it in Cellophane, the brilliant song: the rest pale next to it. Single is decent, just not a fave of the last few months. Cellophane WILL be on my next list!

countpopula said...

I also prefer "National Anthem" to "Radio", but I think I prefer "Dark Paradise" to both. I can really hear Marc Almond singing that song.

I would add:
Barry Adamson--If You Love Her
Blondie--Mother (I know it came out last fall, but I finally heard the physical thing)
Donkeyboy--Pull of the Eye
Madonna--I'm Addicted
Magnetic Fields--Andrew in Drag
The Pierces--Love You More (it finally came out in the US)
The Shins--No Way Down
Sinead O'Connor--The Wolf is Getting Married
2 Bears--Work
Garbage--Blood for Poppies

New singles from Little Boots (Shake), Marina (Primadonna), and Dragonette (Let it Go) were also great and make me want full albums!

The Discopop Directory blog link you have features a review of the Madonna album, and Love Spent is regarded as one of the weakest songs from MDNA! I wouldn't go that far, but it does seem like two songs merged for some reason.

Ege said...

I've been meaning to ask your opinion of "Born To Die" as you seemed really unsure in the buildup to the album. Has it changed your mind?

zen~ said...

From my gazillion tracks piled onto the computer thus far this quarter:

Madonna - Love Spent
Madonna - Beautiful Killer (her most 'natural voice' of the album)
Madonna - Falling Free
Saint Saviour - Fight (first offering from forthcoming album)
Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness
Lana Del Rey - Radio
Goldfrapp - Yellow Halo
Goldfrapp - Melancholy Sky
School of Seven Bells - Low Times
Terranova feat. Billie Ray Martin -Make Me Feel
Sam Sparro - Happiness
The Kills - The Last Goodbye
The Kleptones - Girls on Girls on Film on Film

xolondon said...

@ege I actually like the Born To Die album, but I almost never play it.

@zen a few tips there I will seek out. Thx!