April 29, 2012

Not afraid to love

Unashamed Desire is the first single from Missy Higgins' new album, The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle, out June 1. The video above is stunning; it's thrilling to see artists freed of what should be a constriction (low budgets) to do something truly artistic.

The song itself is a creeper. The first time you hear it, it's... good. And then on repeated plays it pops and pops and builds until it finally flattens you. The lyric on the middle eight is like a manifesto:

We get one sweet moment in the arms of youth
I don't wanna waste time holding down the truth
I got everything to win and only pain to lose
This is my
Unashamed desire


Missy's greatest previous achievement, in my opinion, is one of the most heartbreaking songs of the last ten years, Where I Stood. Right up there with Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me, if from a different point of view.

You can download the song for free as a .wav file via Soundcloud now. It's also on iTunes in many countries...


maja said...

so beautiful. the video, the song. i'm all goosebumpy. and i haven't heard about missy higgins before, i must admit.
i think i've never posted on your blog before, and i must thank you for introducing me to some of my favorite artists in the last couple of years. your blog brought me to jessica 6, probably my favorite album of the last year. then the gadsdens, active child, bright light2x, jessie ware, rumer, just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

The track is co-written and co-produced by Butterfly Boucher, whose own album with this song is already up on iTunes. IMO, her voice isn't as smooth as Higgins's, but the production is nicely grittier.

xolondon said...

Well, this comment made my week already! Thank you so much, Maja - I am so glad you posted that. Feel free to comment any ol' time. :) By the way, the Bright Light remixes are out today. That Trouser Enthusiasts mix is epic.

Again, thank you. I can't really make mixtapes anymore, but I am so glad this blog had that effect for you. Cheers!

xolondon said...

and thanks to anon for the credit info, I did not know that!

Anonymous said...

IMHO this is contender for single of the year.
It's absolutely brilliant.

xolondon said...

It's deceptively simple at first and then becomes a mammoth slayer.