April 23, 2012

Little Boots sees the future

Little Boots is back with a new track produced by Hercules And Love Affair.  Every Night I Say A Prayer is a housey affair, with a keyboard tapped chorus and a simple melody. It's nice, if not game changing.
Following last winter's Shake!, this is the next clue into Little Boots' 2012 sound. You can download it for free via Soundcloud...
  Every Night I Say A Prayer by Little Boots


countpopula said...

Shake was amazing and this is great too. Nice to hear her branching out of her zone a little. Time for a full on campaign...and get a jump on La Roux this time! It sorta killed the first LP's momentum.

zen~ said...

This song is cute, though 'Shake' was more to my liking. ENISAP reminds me of St Etienne put through the PWL ringer, for obvious reasons.
I do like the Tensnake remix of this, probably more than the original.