April 5, 2012

Do I love you? Yes, I love you. Paul Buchanan is back

Paul Buchanan, the lead singer of one of my favorite groups, The Blue Nile, returns on May 21 with his first solo album, Mid Air. It's also the first proper music we've heard from Paul since his band's last album, 2004's High. Here is what he says about the new music:
I think if I'd tried to make a record that sounds like the band I'd be quite nervous, but this is more of a record-ette. It's quite small in stature and the songs are very brief, but don't get me wrong - it kept me awake at night.
Download a free track, the whispery My True Country now

and check out this interview with Stuart Maconie of BBC6 Music, April 2nd, 2012:

The Mid Air tracklist is as follows:

1. Mid Air
2. Half The World
3. Cars In The Garden
4. Newsroom
5. I Remember You
6. Buy A Motor Car
7. Wedding Party
8. Two Children
9. Summer’s On Its Way
10. My True Country
11. A Movie Magazine
12. Tuesday
13. Fin De Si├Ęcle
14. After Dark

The album will also have a deluxe version with a second CD of 10 - yes, 10 - extra tracks!

1. Have You Ever Been Lonely?, 2. My True Country (Piano), 3. After Dark (Instrumental), 4. Two Children (Piano), 5. Lost, 6. Tuesday (Instrumental), 7. Half The World (Demo), 8. A Movie Magazine (Instrumental), 9. Mid Air (Demo), 10. God Is Laughing

For every silver lining there is a cloud: Shipping is 19 British pounds sterling! (or like 30 US bucks) No thank you, Paul.

Xolondon's Top Ten Plus One Blue Nile songs

The Downtown Lights
Saturday Night
Headlights On The Parade
Let's Go Out Tonight
I Would Never
Wish Me Well
Tinseltown In The Rain
She Saw The World
Tomorrow Morning

Please tell me you know and love The Blue Nile! And just in case you missed it, back in 2007 Paul did a beautiful song with Aqualung called Garden Of Love... Paul takes over at 3:40


CarolynG said...

This is lovely. I'm a bit embarrassed to say I'm not familiar with Blue Nile but I'll definitely be giving them a listen. Your taste has proven exquisite once again, my friend.

xolondon said...

Their first two LPs are the best, I think. Annie Lennox covered Downtown Lights on her Medusa LP.

countpopula said...

Familiar and love. Two of my favorite Buchanan performances are not on Blue Nile records though. I like his reworking of BN's "Let's Go Out Tonight" on Craig Armstrong's Space Between Us LP, and his duet with Sharleen Spiteri called "Sleep" on Texas' Red Book, an overlooked LP.

I would love the deluxe ed but agree about the price!

Michael said...

Intriguing. I love the first two Blue Nile album but I've never actually heard the third.

Saturday Night, Tinseltown In The Rain, and Let's Go Out Tonight are my favorites.

The Tinseltown cover by the singer by Andrea Corr was a poor effort.

countpopula said...

Ah I almost forgot Paul's excellent contribution to Peter Gabriel's Ovo on the Liz Frazer (of Cocteau Twins) duet "Make Tomorrow". That song is one 10-minute epic, complete with some of BT's best production work alongside Billie Ray Martin's album.