April 9, 2012

Darren Hayes, on the wrong side of love

The Darren Hayes released his fourth video from Secret Codes today, this one for the blazing Stupid Mistake (aka The One With The Amazing Squizzy Synth At The End). To sum up this video from my perspective:

Michael Jackson meets The Joker meets Joel Grey meets Annie Lennox for a dark night of the soul. Or: "Don't fuck up good love!"

I also give Darren an Eyebrow Award for the moment at 2:49...

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countpopula said...

I love how Darren comes up with something completely different for every video from this record. What's it gonna take for him to get a hit again? Great song, great video (quite dark and elegant)...who doesn't want to be the joker on film at least once? He's living out a lifetime of desire in this clip (that goes for MJ and Ms. Lennox as well)!