January 21, 2012

La Roux: Once in fashion, soon to be rediscovered...

Q Magazine has a small sidebar this month with Elly Jackson talking for the first time about about the forthcoming La Roux album. It seemed to go noticed, but it was the first time I've felt any excitement over the album, the duo's second.

Some details revealed:
  • The album will sound "more open and atmospheric." Among the inspirations is Tears For Fears.

  • The only confirmed song title is Uptight Downtown, inspired by last summer's London riots.

  • It was recorded in a Devon farmhouse, "but there's no, like, farmyard synths or anything."

  • The album features piano by Feist collaborator Chilly Gonzales, a big change from the very authentic Human League/1982 synth-based sound of the debut.
and finally, this quote that got me charged up:
My vocals are a lot softer, a lot smoother. I wanted them to ooze sexiness. I wanted sexiness to just sweep across the record. There's a bit of a Diana Ross thing going on.

I was slow to warm to La Roux (evidence), but ended up loving many of their tracks, most notably Colourless Colour, I'm Not Your Toy (with its sublimely weird video), As If By Magic, Cover My Eyes and the fierce Bulletproof. I'm chuffed for the new one because it appears they've taken it quite seriously. No release date is set, but it's expected in May...


Anonymous said...

May/June according to NME, there's a page in there about it

countpopula said...

Thanks for the update! 2012 looks like the year for the recent new ingenues to see if they can make good on their debut promises (La Roux, Little Boots, Ladyhawke, Marina). Florence has already put forth her effort. With a new crop of Lanas nipping at their heels, it's time to up their game. I can't wait--the first album was great, screechy vocals and all, and Bulletproof is massive.