January 12, 2012

Prince outtake: Guitars and drums on the 1!

Update: OF COURSE Prince got this taken down. See if you can find it on youtube.

My favorite Prince song is, unfailingly, Mountains, from 1986's amazing Parade. Above is footage from various cameras during the shooting of the Mountains video. The amazing moments are from minutes 6 to 8, where Prince has some epic chemistry with backing dancer and Under The Cherry Moon sidekick Jerome Benton. It's pure gold and reminds me of Prince's untouchable magic in that era.

I should note the source of this gem came from Felix Howard's blog. Felix, as a child, was the star of Madonna's Open Your Heart video... from the same year, 1986.


countpopula said...

Wow, amazing footage. I can't imagine how much stuff is just lying around in Prince's vault. It would be fantastic if he could get back with whoever is in charge at Warner Bros now and do deluxe remastered editions of all of his albums up to his departure there. Even though he may not endorse the material as being "righteous" enough, you would think he would at least want it to be heard with the best fidelity possible. After all, he always struck me as an artist who was really interested in the SOUND of his records.

If only his records could be this supercharged and uplifting now. Bring on the revolution!

DanProject76 said...

Best thing I've watched all week! Prince is one of those people who never leaves my iPod.

John said...

At least he was a fun freak back then.