October 21, 2011

When Clare rings

XO's Phone: [ringy ringy]

XO: Helloooo?

Clare Maguire: Is this Xolondon?

XO: Mmmm hmmm?

Clare Maguire: This is Clare Maguire

XO: [drops phone. screams]

Clare Maguire: Hello?

XO: ohmigodClareMaguireIloveyousomuch!!!!Wherehaveyoubeen

Clare Maguire: I wanted to tell you I am recording a new album-

XO: ohmigodClareMaguireIloveyousomuch!!!!Iwantdetailsand

Clare Maguire: It's true! It's a bluesy soul record inspired by artists like Johnny Cash

XO: [silence]

Clare Maguire: Yes, I know, biiig news right?

XO: [silence]

Clare Maguire: ...hello?

XO: [click. dial tone.]

Note: I actually love Clare Maguire. I won't abandon her LOL


anniea said...


I can't even with this right now. I would reserve judgment but...no.

Ege said...

I'm excited and terrified at the same time!

(Though I wish there was a full interview to accompany this news...)

xolondon said...

That came from wiki, so take it with some grain of salt, though she has cited soul influences before. Youtube has some of her new songs.

Not sure what happened in Camp Maguire, but the label seemed to bail on that album by summer. V sad.

countpopula said...

Not sure why she never even got a physical cd release in the states. Shocking.

Phil said...

I laughed my tits off at that post.