October 27, 2011

Madonna: Fruit hurts my stomach

On the one hand, this new Madonna clip is complete hokum.. a forced faux exchange between mother and daughter. On the other hand, it's beyond quotable:

M: "Fruit hurts my stomach"

M: "I don't eat things I can't identify."

Or this exchange:

Lola: "Totes magotes.... they say that now."

M: "Whatevs"

Lola: "They don't say that anymore."

M: "Excuse me? I say it in my world... I'll say what I want in the... timeless world."

Lola: "In the OLD world."

1 comment:

Jason said...

Two things I wish for in this world:

1. Long beautiful blonde hair
2. Someone who can spend an endless amount of time teasing out each curl while I prop my legs up on a counter.

"I think you are a looksist and an age-ist."