September 1, 2011

Ryan Adams: The lights will draw you in

Ryan Adams
is about to release his first proper album since 2008's Cardinology. Ashes & Fire is out on October 10 and includes Dirty Rain, Kindness, I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say and this total gem below, Lucky Now. Despite being a bit of a hot mess, Ryan, 36, is a sturdy songwriter - one of the best alive - and a singer with more than one voice. I saw him on his Cold Roses tour and he was, thank God, a total charmer.

Lucky Now by ryanadams

Xolondon's Top Ten Plus One Two Ryan Adams Songs

La Cienega Just Smiled
The Rescue Blues
Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd
Come Pick Me Up
The Shadowlands
Let It Ride
Dear Chicago
Fix It
Sit And Listen To The Rain
How Do You Keep Love Alive

Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd, my favorite:

So I close my eyes
And I close my mouth
And do this all in time to the music
That dances like fools set on fire
Flailing their arms in a room full of whores


Jason said...

"When The Stars Go Blue" is notably missing from this list. Covered many times but the original is incredible. Also love "The Sun Also Sets" from Easy Tiger.

xolondon said...

I almost had Stars, but left it off bc it is so covered. I do not, however, know The Sun Also Sets. Will run to listen!

xolondon said...

Hmmm, I think Fix It is not worth the others on this list. Must change to Sit And Listen To The Rain (which MAY be Whiskeytown)?

Jason said...

I think the entire Easy Tiger album is underrated. I do like "Fix It" but sometimes it bothers me.