September 8, 2011

A Ke$ha Kristmas?

I spent last night on twitter coming up with fake Christmas albums. A Very Radiohead Christmas? Home For the Holidays With The Gallaghers? Bieberful Holiday?

Then I remembered reading a great quote from Ke$ha on Idolator:

Sometimes I’ll walk my dogs and fill bags full of massive dog s**t. Then I’ll wrap them as Christmas presents and give them to people.
She is a class act. Which lead to me another album title: Ke$ha's Kristmas F*ck

I started with a few song titles:

Seasons Gruntings Dirty Ol' Man
Christmas Is Cumming (And So Am I)

Your Balls Are Filled With Cheer
Grow A Pear Tree
Angels We Have Heard While High
Hard Candy Cane Christmas
Xxxmas Night With U

and my whorish tweeps gave me more

Drunk The Halls
Shove Some Glitter In My Stocking
Throw Some Tinsel Make it Rain
It Came Upon A Midnight Beer

and my favorite, from Adam Soybel, a clearly trashy American:

Do You Hurl What I Hurl?

Please, ye merry gentlemen, give us more...


D'luv said...

The First Ho-el

Christmas Trim

Santa's Big Glitter Cannon

Rudolph Lights The Way Up My Road Kill Kunt

D'luv said...

Oh! And how could I forget these cherished classics:

I Totally $ci$$ored Mrs. Claus

Unwrap My Box (Pine Sap Fingerz)

69 Elves In My Manger

Je$us Was Born So I Could F*ck

Another Year, Another Four-way Under The Tree

xolondon said...

Disgusting as usual, D'luv. I can always count on you.