September 17, 2011

Jessica 6: "Sexual pop!"

One of my favorite acts of the summer was Jessica 6, who are really just starting to take off.

Who are they? Check it.

They are fking cute. And Nomi is the best pop star of 2011. Perfection. You can see the final Mixmag pics here (scroll down).

My favorite Jessica 6 tracks, on endless play in summer 2011 were...

Prisoner Of Love

See The Light


Michael said...

I thought the Eli Escobar song "Desire" that Nomi sang was a pretty good track. Maybe not amazing, but it has a good chorus.

John said...

"White Horse" is definitely the jam, and there are other solid tracks like you mentioned, but the disc as a whole felt a bit uneven to me. Still, what a great start!