September 25, 2011

Hurts so good

On October 28, the handsome men of Hurts will release a long-desired deluxe edition of their debut 2010 Happiness project. Aside from finally wedding the album's astonishing (and orphaned) title track to the actual album of the same name, it will include a number of b-sides and special songs, including last year's excellent holiday single, All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Eve. It also feature a DVD with a film of a live show and most of the group's videos. No word yet on cover art, but expect it to look gorgeous. You can order it now via Townsend Records.

There is no sign, however, of new work coming. Amazingly, the band are still on tour with dates throughout October and early November in Europe and the UK


CD 1

01 Silver Lining
02 Wonderful Life
03 Blood, Tears & Gold
04 Sunday
05 Stay
06 Illuminated
07 Evelyn
08 Better Than Love
09 Devotion
10 Unspoken
11 The Water
12 Verona
13 Confide in Me* b-side for Stay
14 Happiness* non-album digital track
15 Mother Nature* b-side for Better Than Love
16 Affair* b-side for Wonderful Life
17 Devotion (Demo)*
18 Sunday (Demo)*
19 All I Want for Christmas* non-album digital single

CD 2

01 Intro
02 Silver Lining
03 Wonderful Life
04 Happiness
05 Blood Tears and Gold
06 Evelyn
07 Sunday
08 Verona
09 Unspoken
10 Mother Nature
11 Devotion
12 Confide in Me
13 Illuminated
14 Stay
15 Gloomy Sunday
16 Better Than Love
17 Wonderful Life video #1
18 Better Than Love video
19 Wonderful Life video #2
20 Stay video
21 Sunday video
22 Illuminated video
23 Blood, Tears & Gold video

Hurts Affair

Hurts Happiness


anniea said...

I wonder if there's a reason why Live Like Horses isn't on there.

xolondon said...

My GUESS is that it's something to do with the publishers since it's an Elton cover. Maybe that deal was hard to make.

Devin said...

It'd be nice if this neverending tour would stop by the US...

countpopula said...

I definitely want this, but haven't seen it listed anywhere for less than around $40US, a big investment.