September 12, 2011

Cover Story: Oh dear, Kate.

A snowman kissing a woman who needs to wash her hair. Kate. Oh Kate.


countpopula said...

Geez, I guess I'm the only one who isn't bothered by this cover. It's not the best, but there is something fantasy-esque about it that obviously appealed to Kate (the Never Forever cover had gargoyles, this one a snowman come to life...). I'm just glad for new music, but I hope it isn't all Christmas-themed with the snow factor. That could prove to be two albums in a year that equal two rather disappointing efforts. December Will be Magic Again was great, but I think the sound of that version of Kate is rather in the past, no?

xolondon said...

Oh, I bet Bertie, the kid, did this cover!

countpopula said...

Reminds me more of something like Precious Moments left out in the snow. Was this a Kate photo?

Nothing against Lake Tahoe, but a 12-minute song about the place??? Did she go on a world-changing vacation? She sure loves water (Ninth Wave, Mrs Bartolozzi "Washing Machiiinnnnne...")