September 30, 2011

And the only solution was to stand and fight

Florence + The Machine performed at a London party this week, previewing two new Ceremonials songs, Only If For A Night and Heart Lines.

Only If For A Night sounds monolithic. NME said, "A harp interplays with a hiphop beat. It's the first of a few tracks which feel expensive, and schooled in the US world of production. The flow (sorry Flo) reminds us of The Big Pink's Dominos." You can hear that link in the heavy hiphop drums. Check it:

Heart Lines is more tribal. Slight sound issue on this one...

The picture above is from the new issue of US magazine Interview. You can read an excerpt of the issue, in which she is interviewed by Baz Luhrmann, here. Billboard also has a definitive piece on the making of the album, which is said to feature more subtle vocals than Lungs.

UPDATE: Amazon US has 30 second samples from Ceremonials. It's going to be a very "big" album.

Still waiting on the video for her amazing new single, Shake It Out.

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Adem said...

The albums I've been looking forward to the most this year have been Nicola, Sneaky Sound System and Florence. Everything seems to be going according to plan then.