June 23, 2011

Talk Talk Talk, the video

Look out for the moment at 2:25 when Darren has a George Michael Dance Moment.

My review of Talk Talk Talk is ovah here.
Darren Hayes Talk Talk Talk
The single and b-side, Angel, are out now worldwide. Here are the deets on the various remixes of Talk Talk Talk, out July 31:

Digital Bundle 1
1. Talk Talk Talk (Extended mix) / 2. Talk Talk Talk (7th Heaven
mix) / 3. Talk Talk Talk (Club Junkies mix) / 4. Out Of Talk (Hall and Oates mix)

Digital Bundle 2
1. Talk Talk Talk (Album version) 2. Talk Talk Talk (Fred Falke Mix) /
3. Talk Talk Talk (Penguin Prison mix) / 4. Talk Talk Talk video

Limited edition purple 7” vinyl (available exclusively from (www.darrenhayes.com)
A) Talk Talk Talk (Album version) / B) Talk Talk Talk (Live In The Attic)

All four remixers are AMAZING.


countpopula said...

This is a great comeback for him--I love it. He's just so damn likeable!

Myfizzypop said...

i really do like the song. I quite like the video. Angel is also quite good although it gets slow when i want it to be triumphant. But all in all a good return. It also makes me eager for William of Young to come back.

Cosgrove said...
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xolondon said...

Thom, why did you delete your post? I had not responded! I have no idea HOW this song could be mashed up with that one. Time will tell.

Jason R Fisher said...

Remixes by Penguin Prison and Fred Falke? Hells yes!