June 11, 2011

Florrie: If the cheeks don't shake...

Florrie: Yes I do, followed by my celebratory bootaaay dance! If the cheeks don't shake, the song is dropped.
What is not to love about that Twitter exchange?

Florrie releases her second EP, Experiments, on Tuesday, June 14, and it is a major step - or ass shake - forward. It's not that she hasn't been producing quality work from the start [see Call 911 and Give Me Your Love], but Experiments is deeper and richer pop, with a mix of buoyant summer singles and moodier - yes - experiments.

Every summer we look for tunes that can give us chills in the heat. I Took A Little Something is one of those gems. You will know why in the first few seconds... the track is built on a gorgeous circular rhythm. And you'll know it again at 0:47, when it lifts off into higher airspace. Like the best of Xenomania, the glisten of the music belies the sadness in the lyric: "I took a little something to figure it out / I need to know just one thing was never in doubt...We're happy ever after in my head"

Opening track Speed Of Light, despite some very current effects on the chorus vocals, opens and closes with a Moroderesque synth (see Berlin's The Metro). Everything in between surges. She Always Gets What She Wants is almost like a samba, but the pre-chorus stings add an unexpected shimmer. Her collaboration with a French string quartet, What You Doing This For?, is reminiscent of the way Neil Tennant brings a level of elegance to melodic pop that few else can.

Experimenting With Rugs (punny, that) flows from the same melancholy well that made Xenomania tracks like Call The Shots and The Loving Kind so beautiful. "My heart isn't big enough no more / And I start to wonder what I saw in you." I particularly love the New Order guitar moment; in winter, it's teardrops on the dancefloor; in summer, it's sadness on the sands. And previously released Begging Me is a perfect single, but it's the vocals in the final 30 seconds ("I - I - I won't lose the battle / Not in love, not in war") that slay me every time.

For more on Florrie's plan to make and sell her music in hostile economic times, read her recent blogpost on why she is doing it the way she is doing it. Her website is liberally stocked with free music, but she also appears on iTunes worldwide. Experiments is on iTunes all over the world. GET IT.

Stream Experiments now

I Took A Little Something (teaser)

Experimenting With Rugs

Begging Me


Michael said...

I love the part where the guitar comes in.

Jason R Fisher said...

I haven't had the privilege to hear the new EP in its entirety but you absolutely hit the nail on the head with regard to Experimenting With Rugs and Begging Me. The New Order-ish moments in the former and the final refrain in the latter are sublime and add inestimably to what are already brilliant songs. It's interesting that you mentioned elegance. . .I actually used the word elegant to describe Experimenting With Rugs to my friend yesterday. If your critique of the rest of the EP is as accurate it is with these tracks, there is a real treat waiting in store when this gets released on Tuesday.

countpopula said...

I bought this on your recommendation, and I hardly ever buy anything online. Great EP...now I feel I must look over her older material. Thanks for the push--"Rugs" is especially beautiful.