June 22, 2011

Florrie: I Took A Little Something

Today Florrie debuts her new video for I Took A Little Something, which I defy any other artists(s) to top as SONG OF SUMMER 2011. That slot always goes to an underdog: remember when always-a-bridesmaid Kelly Rowland released When Love Takes Over with David Guetta? Florrie's song is in a different, more melancholy zone, though the video is a lush stroll through Paris.

Oui, it was done in collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana, so it's tres belle. You might as well look great if you are alone and forlorn in Paris. M'accompagner au Ladurée maintenant!

Be sure to read my review of Florrie's flawless new EP, Experiments.

UPDATE: You can now order Experiments on vinyl or CD direct from Florrie.


Jason R Fisher said...

I think I just slipped from a Kinsey 6 to a 5. Officially crushing on Florrie. "Experiments" is a perfect EP and "I Took A Little Something" is sublime.

countpopula said...

Thanks to your Florrie promo I'm officially obsessed. I sometimes think how sublime Sarah Cracknell would sound singing these tunes, and then I realize Florrie is not that far off--could it be a Xenomania connection? She looks amazing in this video. More please!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of this EP and I find this song underwhelming.