June 17, 2011

Darren Hayes: Message received

10 Musical Thoughts on Talk Talk Talk, the new single by Darren Hayes.

1. The sample is a nice slice of the track, taken from the beginning. Gives you a bit of verse and chorus. Talk Talk Talk is built on a clubby foundation - reminiscent of Madonna's Get Together perhaps? - but it's proper pop. Lush.

2. The theme is lovers struggling to communicate: "Please hear me out, all I wanna do is just talk talk talk to you."

3. Though the lyric is officially talk to you throughout, there is a moment at 1:45... "When I'm walking out, all I wanna do is just talk talk talk at you." What do you hear? To or at?

4. The music at 1:55 is really gorgeous, when it goes a bit twilight with "sawing" strings before going big on the chorus. A Moment. "I know you wanna break through, but we're worlds apart."

5. The trick is that Talk Talk Talk manages to be a hybrid of everything he has ever done. It has the accessibility of Savage Garden but sounds like 2011.

6. Though it was written and recorded in Sweden with Carl Falk, who has worked with a lot of boy bands, there is nothing "boyband" about it. It's definitely Darren Hayes.

7. The song has massive potential for remixes. Stay tuned. The video snippet appears to be one of those mixes.

8. The end of the track is like the start to The Only One

9. I appreciate that it's not a black and white lyric: not simple love and not clear frustration. The more complex part in between: "I know you think we’re better alone / Sometimes all the words are unsaid/ but you listen to them argue every night in your head."

10. Years in the making, Talk Talk Talk does not disappoint. After repeated plays, the chill (or goose-bump) factor is high. Fans will love this. I do.

Talk Talk Talk is FINALLY out on June 24th worldwide.
The b-side is part of the Darren Does Madge series (see Dress You Up). It's one of my Top 5 Madonna songs: Angel


David said...

I'm *so* looking forward to Friday! Strange day to release it though. Can't wait to hear it in full.

Hugely looking forward to the b-side too. It would be AMAZING if every single release from the album came with a 'Darren Does Madge' track. I'm praying for a Burning Up cover!

Teresa said...

Thanks for giving us your take on the song. I am counting down the days till the 24th. :)

Myfizzypop said...

i'm definitely looking forward to it. Oddly just as excited about the b-side too!!

Benitta said...

message received...(well downloaded) have been listening to TALK TALK TALK in it's entirety quite a few times now.. and it's POP, it's COMMERCIAL, it's going to be a HIT!!

xolondon said...

Bennita talk talk talks and people better LISTEN! How do you like the Madonna cover? I have not yet heard that in full.

Benitta said...

Like any song Darren covers he makes it his own!! Love his version!

Weekday Jukebox said...

Love the George Michael Dance Moment. We all need more of those in our daily lives.

CarolynG said...

"Talk,Talk,Talk" is so worth the wait. The strings at the end of the full single are to die for. This song soars.
Darren has made "Angel" his own, as well. He's definitely done Madonna justice.