June 1, 2011

Bouncey finally nails it

With Babyface writing the melody! A massive summer hit that will save the 4 album from potential Bionic-like disaster. The most brilliant line comes at the end of each chorus:

"It sucks to be you right now"

This song reminds me to post a question: Is there another female superstar who is so tuned into women? Beyonce's whole career is really about channeling female emotion, from sweetness to rage. Think about it...

Independent Women
If I Were A Boy
Single Ladies
Girls Run The World
and, of course, her all-female band


KulPop said...

I'm not a huge fan of Beyonce and I think I laughed out loud when they premiered the video for "Run The World (Girls)" on American Idol. Song is pretty lame and the video was even worse.

Then she sang the song "1 + 1" on the Idol finale and I cringed as I thought what a bad song (again).

"Best Thing I Ever Had" sounds better but I'm not a fan of the almost yelling style that she seems to have adopted. Might be a hit but I still question what she and her managers / handlers are doing as the music I've heard so far from her new album doesn't sound anything like the quality she should be recording at this stage in her career.

xolondon said...

Bouncey is going for style - raw live performance -over songcraft on this album! Not my thing either, really.