April 2, 2011

London, I love you

Can you guess why I think CocknBullKid's swirling new single, Asthma Attack, is her best yet? Hmmm?

I love CocknBullKid's demeanor, which is totally chilled. In an age of popstrels pounding us over the head with their team-created personas, Anita never tries too hard. She presents - or appears to anyway - who she really is. And her outfit in this clip rocks.

If you dig the video, which was shot in Broadway Market, here is a behind the scenes "featurette."
CocknBullKid's debut album, Adult Education, is out on May 23. The single is on iTunes UK NOW.


Talia said...

Much better than the quite terrible last single, but I remain really not too sure about this new softer direction.

Also I'd rather hear her than watch her. Seeing her completely puts me off as, and I think it's a lack of knowledge how to work a camera than anything else, she comes across to me as really patronising and sarcastic. It's all in the eye movements and I find it somewhat testing.

countpopula said...

I quite like this, and I've never been to London. It has potential, and none of the snarky Duffy-isms.