February 27, 2011

When the kidz come out

[Fecking Vevo does not allow embedding for this, so click on the image to watch Kidz]

We wondered where Take That have been. Clearly making a very, very expensive music High Concept video.

Taking bets that this is the opening song on their upcoming tour?

Yes, that is GARY singing on the chorus. #toldyouso

The end devolves into a Superbowl Coke commercial with a pointless extension of the mix.

Howard? As Elizabeth Taylor once shrieked, GLADIATOR!

fast-forward to 2:00


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for bringing that drunken Liz Taylor video into my life. The Take That one isn't bad either.

xolondon said...

Now you can run around screaming "Gladddiator!" at will... I do.