February 16, 2011

There'll be trouble when the old men come out

After a long hiatus for the holidays, Take That are back into their album promotion with their hammering new single, Kidz, my favorite song off their superb new album. The group appeared on The Brits a few nights back, but I felt there was something off.

First, naysayers, it is GARY on the chorus, not Robbie. 17 Days confirmed this and he has reason to know...

Torr pointed out that, lyrically, the song is uncannily reminiscent of the student protests in the UK this fall, but the performance has shades of the Middle East uprising. Being the philistine that I am, I did not get any of that from it myself, but I can see why Torr did.

There are too many people on stage for this performance. The boys can barely be seen in the chaos happening up there. At least put them in lighter-colored costumes. Worse than the clothes, though, is the strange lack of exuberance from a band opening the Brit awards with such a fierce song. With the exception of occasional moments of Robbie mugging and waving his arms, there is literally no connection with the audience or any sense of fun.

Back to the clothes. The boys look... ghastly. The pants! And why have the dancers strip down in an All The Lovers liberation homage? Why not have TAKE THAT strip down? That 's all anyone wanted to see. RIGHT?

The Brits version of Kidz is on iTunes now, and the single is out on February 21 with a new b-side called Rocket Ship


Mariela said...

Great change of image, but obviously, the first time I saw them was to "back for good" years ago. I like the song and the presentation was spectacular, so much that sometimes I feel recharged and reduces their role to the group, change my attention.
But overall It like me, taste to see them again.
I follow Take that , thanks to return they to my present.
Now I'm listening "patience. "

Myfizzypop said...

Hmmm, it definitely was off. something wasn't as magnificent as it could - should have been. i think the robbie thing (live) isn't working for them as well as it could be. I'm very slightly worried for the tour...