February 17, 2011


Beth Ditto I Wrote The Book.

Thank you, Beth Ditto, for a proper, lush homage to Madonna's Justify My Love. I love everything about this track, the sound of which is reminiscent of two club classics: Good Life by Inner City (thanks Zen!) and the Ben Watt/Estelle collaboration Pop A Cap In Yo Ass. And the lyric!

Revenge, regret
I wrote the book
Forgive and forget
I wrote the book

Heartbreak and then some

Tell me, where is a friend when you need one?
Before you take a second look
Remember I know every trick in the book

Beth always takes it a beat beyond fierce. She's not that simple. Forgive and forget.


xolondon said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG. Beth, please do a full album. NOW.

John said...

Yes please! I was able to be excited about a video today after all.

zen~ said...

This is my favourite track off the e.p. Channelling Innercity (as remixed by CJ Macintosh!). x

Phil said...

Love the E.P. *rushes off to iTunes to buy it*

P.S. still here!

Unknown said...

fantastically poignant. How exciting.