December 3, 2010

Robyn's concert, online in its entirety HERE

On November 3rd, myspace filmed a special hour-long Robyn show in London and recently posted the full film. The setlist:

Fembot (with wicked intro), Include Me Out, Cobra Style, Indestructible, Love Kills, The Girl And The Robot (epic version which bleeds into...), Hang With Me, Dancing On My Own (wow), Be Mine, In My Eyes, Dream On and, at 53:50ish, the Earth shattering With Every Heartbeat.

And the concert...

Myspace Secret Show with Robyn

Myspace Secret Shows UK

If I had to rank her to ten tracks from Body Talk, here is how I'd do it, starting with 10 up to the top...

10 Fembot
09 Time Machine
08 Love Kills
07 Stars 4-ever
06 In My Eyes
05 Call Your Girlfriend
04 U Should Know Better
03 Indestructible (acoustic version)
02 Hang With Me
01 Dancing On My Own

Robyn will be on tour from January to Godknowswhen. See her live - I was blown away.

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countpopula said...

Thanks, I will make sure to watch this. I saw Robyn a couple years back on the self-titled tour, and was nearly weeping during "With Every Heartbeat." How can a club song be so emotionally moving? Sad disco, indeed.

What, no "Get Myself Together"? Shucks. "Time Machine" deserves a little better...