December 8, 2010

Duran Duran's free single

Duran Duran's new single All You Need Is Now, the first released from the album of the same name, is out now for FREE on itunes worldwide.

I have to admit, this song is not - for me - living up the hype that's surrounded it. John Taylor himself gave it five stars on iTunes and added this comment:
One of the best things we have ever done, and I should know. I'm the bass playa.
The verses are edgy, but weak, though the chorus is quite sparkling, with a blissed out lyric: "We will sway in the moon like we did when we were young." For me, no surprise, the test of a good song is the middle eight and All You Need Is Now totally buries it. Its a non middle eight.

But fear not, the album is classic Duran. It's their best work since 1994's The Wedding Album. There is not a ballad as glorious as Ordinary World, but it's worth the shillings for the incredible Girl Panic! alone. If singles were still truly relevant to this band, there are several other options including the poppy Runway Runaway and the Hold Back The Rain-esque Blame The Machines.

Nine songs are released on December 21st via itunes and other digital outlets. The remaining three tracks will appear on the CD version in February. Duran Duran may not chart with this album, but make no mistake, this is a landmark album for a group many of us have loved for thirty years.

Want to know which Duran Duran songs are my favorites? What are yours?

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John said...

Just got it...I really like it at first glance. Your endorsement of the new record is all I needed to hear. Now let's hear what Ronson can do with Culture Club if the rumors are true.

Dan said...

The verses are so dissonant I can barely listen to them, but I do like the chorus.

Kitty Amsbry said...

I absolutely love it... can't wait for the new album!

countpopula said...

It's pretty great except for that whirring noise that runs throughout the verses--sounds like a leftover gimmick from the Medazzaland/Poptrash era, and it makes me seasick. The chorus is fantastic though--I really like the little guitar melody in the background, even if it was Andy who came up with a lot of those originally.