July 8, 2010

New music: Bim

One of the surprises of the summer is Scatterheart, the debut album by London duo Bim. Out July 28th, it's elegant pop music that will appeal to fans of Frou Frou, The Sundays and - their site suggests- The Cocteau Twins. For those with a knowledge of obscure gems, they also remind me of The Honeymoon. Regardless of the influence, the sound is so cinematic and emotional, it's hard to believe it was crafted by only two people (in the form of Rebecca Rosier and Tim Davis). In a year of ballad-less albums (Goldfrapp, Kylie, Marina, Scissters), Bim push beneath the surface.

The group is giving away a free track called Head Over Heels that is absolutely phenomenal. First, it is NOT a Gogo's cover, but rather a lush up-tempo in which the duo trade off vocals as layered, blippy the song swirls to a climax. The final minute gives me chills, so if you want to share the experience, you can sign up at their site now and get it. Dysfunctional relationships never sounded so beautiful.

Bim Head Over Heels click for FREE download

Bim - Scatterheart by bimmusic

More on Bim at the end of the month. UK residents can hear a preview of the album on Spotify and everyone catch them on EQ, who recently had them play a club night in London. They were also The Guardian's New Band Of The Day on July 6.


xolondon said...

By the way, it's the lyrics I am referring to when I mention dysfunctional relationship. Not the musicians... as far as I know!

Morrie said...

Many thanks for the tip-off. You're completely on point as usual. A lovely soundtrack for the balmy summer weather we're enjoying in Londinium currently.

DanProject76 said...

Oh yes, another good tip.

I've been going through old CDs and wondered if you were ever into Mandalay? I think you'd like them, they fit your shimmering electro balladish duo vibe.

Dan said...

Another in a steady stream of good music recommendations! I really like the sound of this song and hope to hear more from them.

Mike said...

Anyone know where I can get their first EP, Bim by Bim? With the tracks:

1. The Battle
2. Ready To Love
3. I Dream This World
4. Call It A Monday
5. Stay In My Memory
6. The Magic Of Us

iTunes don't have it anymore. :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Unknown said...

The freely downloadable song is not bad. The verses really really remind me of Girls Aloud's The Show. Which is NEVER a bad thing.

xolondon said...

@Mike - I will investigate. 4 of those are on the final album.

Doron, The SHOW? Huh? Runs to investigate!

Mike said...

I've been listening to the tracks on YouTube and can't help but think of two Aussie artists:

Amiel - http://www.myspace.com/amielspace
Paul Dempsey - http://www.myspace.com/pauldempseysolo

xolondon said...

Thanks Mike! I can def hear what you mean, esp in Amiel.

Paul Dempsey reminds me of someone that I am blanking on at the moment. Not Kings Of Convenience but something even closer. Maybe Weepies? He has v good artwork too!

russlan said...

BIG thanks for alerting me to Bim, it'sa pop of highest order