April 13, 2010

Ten things the new Scissor Sisters song IS.

Invisible Light is...

A greased handjob in a darkened backroom
A ride on the ferry to the Statue Of Liberty
Lauren Hutton in a DVF wrap dress rubbing against a man in a subway car at midnight
Times Square and The Gaiety, circa 1982
Diana Ross and Michael Jackson dancing in the World Trade Center version of Oz
Rod Serling's Night Gallery
Paying for a gold lame-covered journal at Little Rickie on the LES, 1994
Sian Phillips, so fierce in I Claudius
A worn ragged Great Gatsby t-shirt
Dancing so hard you think you will finally have a heart attack




Matt Microfilm said...

and a very amazing update of the Fruitless remix of Frankie's 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' - upper crust British narration of over the top Dionysian grandiosity.

I sent Jason/Jake an MP3 of it last spring (2009)after discussing music/MP3; hope that was an inspiration!

countpopula said...

For those of us who are old enough to catch the Frankie-isms here, WOW. I LOVE your descriptions--SPOT ON. The Ian McKellen goes Vincent Price's "Thriller" bit is quite thrilling as well.

What an excellent taste of a truly mighty return. Hopefully just a sample of what I had hoped their second album should have been (not bad, but not classic either).

duanemoody.com said...

AMAZING indeed!!! I love it!!!

DanProject76 said...

Love it. Got me thinking of all those multiple 12" rewix discs of Frankie back in the old days.

How appropriate for the cover: the word verification for this comment was 'arshou' !

xolondon said...

The Ian McKellan bit reminds me of Sian Phillips turn on the Rufus W song a few yrs back (Between My Legs).

John said...

Freakin' brilliant. Please tell me you haven't experienced all 10 items on the list, though...

Myfizzypop said...

after reading this, nothing ever needs to be said about this song ever again because you have said it all!

Phil said...

Ha! You clever thing!