April 5, 2010

Icon, Meet Icon

See the new Spin - or Spin Online - for a fantastic piece with Debbie Harry and Alison Goldfrapp. Both look fantastic and neither is ever anything close to dull.

Meanwhile, Goldfrapp's new Head First album is stunning. While it's not the emotional highpoint that Seventh Tree was, it does have a perfect mix of 80's "stonkers" (Alive, Rocket, I Wanna Life) and subtly melancholy mid-tempos (Hunt, Dreaming). It is worth the cost of the record just for the zippery synths that dominate the final minute of Dreaming. The title track's chorus of "My whole world in light / Head first in love" will surely be one of the prettiest of 2010.

Be sure to read Robbie Daw's great interview with Alison on Idolator.


Diva Incarnate said...

I wasn't finished when that interview finished. I'll need to hurry and hear Head First.

Yuяi said...

Great pic! And Head First is 1000% awesome. We love the same tracks.

D'luv said...

XO, London.

xolondon said...

Stop commenting slash tweeting and call my ass!

zen~ said...

I think 'Dreaming', 'Hunt' and 'Head First' are the best tracks on the album. The album perhaps sounds very immediate with all the 80s referencing going on like crazy, but it is a grower and the songs peer out of the layered synths and show their beauty after repeated listens.

I do have an issue with 'I Wanna Life', though. Terrible! That chorus has me cringing and reaching the >> button.

Also, does anyone else agree that 'Voicething' has more than a casual nod to Orbital's 'Halcyon'?