February 13, 2010

Mixtape: Babyfaced sex tykes, absurd eyewear and diamonds

Basement view, Snowpocalypse v2.0, 2010

SO. I have been asked to review Sugababes' dire new album Sweet 7 for the mag I contribute to. I feel like I too often review stuff I like, so this will be my chance to finally show a little edge. Sweet 7, to my ears, is the final nail in the 'Babes self-built coffin.

Better are the clips from Ellie Goulding's Lights, one of my most anticipated albums of 2010. This Love Will Be Your Downfall still sounds like it should be a single. My favorite song by Ellie, Swimming Pool, has been renamed I'll Hold My Breath. Note that some of the songs we know, like Under The Sheets and Wish I Stayed, seem to have new mixes.

new video Go Do. Lovely and amazing. Strangely there is a moment in this song that reminds me of Simon And Garfunkel, late in the chorus.

Kate Nash is teasing her new album with a repetitive, screechy rock chant called I Just Love You More which you can get as a .wma file (?!) by signing up here. As I said on PopJustice, I feel like one cannot waste time these days releasing turds. Come out with a big perfect song to wow the kids. The margin of error is slim. This track has taken away three minutes of my life and I want them back.

Speaking of teasers, you can download Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen from the new Pipettes album, Earth Vs Pipettes. It's available via their website and here is the somewhat lousy video. Again, what is the point when the actual single, Stop The Music, is so blindingly good?

Frankmusik's looking pretty theses days. Actually, I love his gigantic glasses - if I could get away with this, I would.

Los Americanos Gayos, the new issue of Instinct magazine has my lil reviews of Editors new album and Lucas Mire's second disc. Apparently Lucas was quite pleased with the review. exhale...

Peoples with earthy tastes: Mumford And Sons are in The Guardian this week. Check it out. Their well titled fall 2009 album, Sigh No More, is tremendous.

Warner Bros is pulling its content off Spotify? Isn't Spotify considered a huge success in the UK? Is this yet another case of the record biz shooting its own feet?

Babyfaced sex tyke Alex Gardner's new video is out this coming week. The slurry, smooth I'm Not Mad. I've heard 4 of his tracks and they are quite good, especially Heartbreak with it's "#1 / #2" chorus. If you like Call The Shots by GA, this album will be worth a listen. He's at The Lexington in London on March 16th, my birthday, but I will be in... Paris. If you've not seen WHAT ALEX LOOKS LIKE, DIG IT NOW.

Sade has been all over American TV the last 48 hours. Her new album is superb, but one that takes repeated plays. Solider Of Love, the title song, is one of most edgy, effective songs she's ever recorded. The video is epic too. Take some time to read two great interviews with her: one from the NY Times and another from The Times (London).

For those who've heard, Marina And The Diamonds has NAILED IT with her (yes her) debut album. Really superb, if a wee bit overproduced in places. Initial standouts, aside from the earlier singles, are a beefed up Shampain, Rootless and Numb. The press seems to think she is going to be a huge star, but despite the quality of her music, I am not entirely convinced that average person will totally "get" her. That said, they got LaRoux, so who knows?

Speaking of which, LaRoux's East Coast US tour was completely derailed by Snowpocalypse. Her shows have been rescheduled for summer.

I just bought the perfect messenger bag for London. Did I mention I'm going in a month? Oh. I did? How many times?

Some tweets from the past week:

Great song alert: Eat Up It's Good For You by Two Door Cinema Club

Americans, check out the new NPR Music site.

Tales of John Mayer's sexual incompetence and immaturity do not interest me

Had a dream @elliegoulding was driving my taxi. She got out and I told old dude in front seat: "Our driver is a major rock star in England"

Duran Duran's March 29th album reissues are making 40 yr old women feel tingly in the nips.

I want this HURTS vinyl disc

Playing Operator Please while working. New song is Logic. I like the groove, but are they special?

If you are wondering, like me, about Google Buzz, watch this

Tracey Thorn tweeted this week that PopJustice can be funny. I responded with...

to which she tweeted back...

My work here is done.


John said...

You have to wonder if networking methods like Facebook and Twitter will completely revamp what we think of famous people. Pretty cool that you've got it like that with Tracy. Tomorrow I will give the Marina a listen on your recommendation, along with Yeasayer and Hot Chip. Should be a jammin' Sunday.

Myfizzypop said...

So much good stuff here. It's so sad really about the decline of the Sugababes :( But the better stuff - Marina, Alex, you coming to London - is all very exciting and pleasing :)

DanProject76 said...

You're coming to London?

You never said!


D'luv said...

Hooray for your London trip. Boo to you ditching meeting up with me on my upcoming Pennsylvania trip :(

Really loving the Alex Gardner stuff!

bakerist said...

agree that Marina and the Diamonds album is ace but also have to say I was blown away by the new Kate Nash track! I've had it on repeat (once I found an mp3 version)

xolondon said...

Had it been any other time, Robbie, I would have met up with you! OF COURSE. And we both know you will be back to PA!

Bakerist, you are not the only one to like that screaming Kate Nash. It's one of those love it or hate it things!

And John, Tracey is my new BFF. Just don't verify that with her.

Adem With An E said...

Operator Please are VERY special. Amandah - the frontwoman - is one of the most finely-tuned 21 year olds in pop music.

I do love the Baccara-kissed flavour of that new Pipettes thing though, even if the clip's a little basement-friendly.