January 7, 2010

Decade's End: The 20 Finest Albums of the 00's

I admit it. I totally burned out on all those bleeding lists at the end of 2009. So I skipped a few I had drafted. Why not whip 'em out now, during these cold snowy days? While we await the February onslaught of new music, the best of the oughties.

The Top 2:

1 Rufus Wainwright Want One 2003
2 Frou Frou Details 2002

and the rest in no order...

Richard Ashcroft Alone With Everybody 2000
Kylie Minogue Fever 2001
Goldfrapp Supernature 2005
Keane Hopes And Fears 2004
Morrissey You Are The Quarry 2004
The Pipettes We Are The Pipettes 2007
Madonna Confessions On A Dancefloor 2005
Pet Shop Boys Fundamental 2006
Will Young
Let It Go 2008
Ladyhawke Ladyhawke 2008
Siobhan Donaghy Ghosts 2005
Tracey Thorn Out Of The Woods 2007
Patrick Wolf Wind In The Wires 2005
Florence And The Machine Lungs 2009
Goldfrapp The Seventh Tree 2008
Sia Some People Have Problems 2008
Rachel Stevens Come And Get It 2005
Imogen Heap Speak For Yourself 2005

Here are more of my favorites of the 00's


Yuяi said...

Excellent list! Goldfrapp X2, Confessions, PSB, Kylie, Tracey Thorn...Spot on, ole chap!

Alicia K said...

Confessions was at the top of my album list ... much to the surprise of a lot of my friends who expected to see U2 at the top!

Great list!

countpopula said...

I knew you could do it! Glad to see so many strong choices on your list, and also see some of our differences (I chose Roisin's Overpowered and Gaga's Fame Monster as top two--not even on your list! Black Cherry was also the Frapp album that really spun my head most).

I will definitely go back and revisit some of these by relistening and reevaluating (I actually just did this with the Sia album and found it to be much stronger than I remembered. I liked the one she did previously, Colour the Small One, quite a lot too).

Will Young, huh? Guess I should give him a listen. Nice to see Tracey Thorn's only album of the decade as a solo or band artist make your list.

zen~ said...

Cos' I moved interstate from Queensland to Tasmania, most of my CD collection is in boxes still...so I sorta can't remember what favourite album was released when...but a lot of my faves do echo your own list (no surprises there).

Roisin's "Overpowered" and just about any Goldfrapp album of the 00's would probably head the list (as has been my obsession with those two ladies during the last decade; my love affair with Roisin goes back to Moloko's first album and Alison's vocals on Tricky's 'Pumpkin' was always a fave), as well as Mo's "Confessions", Mme Thorn's album, Florence, blahblahblah....

Good to see a list of albums that are, well, great albums...and not hyped ones.

xolondon said...

I guess I'd have to really sit and think what would get the boot for Roisin. One album that may surprise people (that I cut) was Stevie Nicks' Trouble In Shangri La

Dan said...

Count me as one surprised to NOT see Trouble In Shangri-La!

For me, Confessions was the album of the decade if for no other reason than it was probably THE most listened to album of the last 10 years.

Good list!

Myfizzypop said...

Keane, Pipettes, Rachel Stevens, Madonna and Will YOung would all be in my top 25, if not top 20. What?! No MYOB ? :P

love that my word verification is hussies!

xolondon said...

Sorry for the slight on "Same Diff" Paul!

Matt Microfilm said...

Weird, we have alot of the same artists but different albums! I do have to point out my aghast moments on the list. lol. my opinion only, remember!

-Want 1 and not 2??
-7th Tree and not Felt. mt. or Black Cherry?
-Fundamental and not Yes?
-Wind in the Wires and not Bachelor?

My 2 cents

countpopula said...

Come to think of it, I'm kinda surprised the Stevie Nicks isn't there as well.

Myfizzypop said...

It was actually a Deborah Gibson slight, but now that you mention it I am shocked - shocked and appalled that POP! isn't on your list by my fave siblings since Wilson Phillips (future potentially amazing pop career of Jedward [future porn stars] not withstanding!)

Adem With An E said...

j'adore rachel.