December 22, 2009

One last video for 2009: Miike Snow's Silvia

Miike Snow have just released a video for one of my favorite songs of the year (and their masterpiece), Silvia. And it is Weird.

Okay. What just happened there? What do we make of that frosty slice of Swedish nihilism? Did they stumble onto the set of Viggo Mortensen's post-apocalyptic movie The Road? And what of burning their beloved avatar, the mythical jackalope, at the stake? He's so big, he's clearly going to eat them if they don't kill him. Is he a she named Silvia? Silvia's a bunny with antlers?

I'd argue that Silvia is one of those rare songs that's so genius it should not have a video. That the best images it provokes are in each listener's mind. The 6:25 album version has time to develop and breathe. At least the single and video are another way into one of the best new bands of 2009. If you don't own Miike Snow's album, get it now. It's absolutely fantastic.

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zen~ said...

I have to agree, Silvia is one of those tracks that actually demands no video be made! Oh is still in my top 5 songs of the year. The vocal distortions of the word Silvia towards the end of the track are brilliant. They really evoke the emotions....