December 17, 2009

Mixtape: It's all in your head

Wow. I am not sure what it's called overseas, but I have an illness called shingles which basically makes me look
like I've been slumming it in a nuclear bomb zone. It's not pretty (note: it is a rash that follows nerve paths). Consequently, all those 00's lists I've been doing became tedious. Yawn! I just had one more, a reminder of 2008, so just read the list here, and then we're on to this year's lists, of which there will not be a zillion.

I will say that my favorite video of the oughties is Paper Bag by Fiona Apple (watch it above or in a larger version). It was directed by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood) in 2000. In January 2006, still the early days of this blog, I did a lengthy post about the video. I hope videos like this will continue to get budgets. It's a piece of art, my favorite being the final 30 seconds.

I love how this Guardian piece on Mini Viva talks about "an emotional connection with the audience" and then doesn't even have a quote from them until deep into the article, near the end.


The latest Courtney Love drama - there is a restraining order to keep her from contacting Frances Bean - is really sad. She's even going after Frances now (see the full horror story at Idolator). We can all assume what's going on, but who knows. It's just all very sad - she had a great run in the 90s.

Sky Ferreira, a new 17 year old singer, kind of flew by me until I heard her cover of Stevie Nicks's classic Stand Back. You can get it at Sheena Beaston - it's very Ladyhawke. which is a good thing.

I have always loved the first 30 seconds or so of Kate Bush's Wow. This song has batshit crazy lyrics though: "He'll never make the screen... Be that movie queen. He's too busy hitting the Vaseline."

Why hasn't Cassie's Electro Love been released? If I were in charge of that album, I would choose to highlight the most futuristic sounds (I am a huge fan of Stamina, a leaked track), do a brilliant photo of her with the whack hair and really push that. It separates her from today's r'n'b fodder. And Good knows, with a voice that birdlike, she needs an edge.

I hate Susan Boyle's version of Madonna's You'll See. For me it highlights the actual LACK of emotion in "Subo's" voice. There no rounding of notes or softness or actual kind of communication going on. You can picture her, stood stock still on a stage, singing this as if it were Climb Every Mountain. So stiff. I feel like most of the emotion is brought by the audience, still, to her story. And her Wild Horses is a ripoff of several better singers' interpretations.

Roisin Murphy had her babby, finally. Seems like she has been pregnant for 2 years. Well done Roisin!

Taylor Swift's new look is great... or so I thought, until I saw the shoes

And since when is Britney Spears a middle-aged housewife?

Desired trend for 2010: More amazing pop dominance from Sweden. I love you, Swedes.

Morrissey finally addresses his troubled year head on. See the horrifically titled but v. good blog Slicing Up Eyeballs for details. Poor guy says he has no label and no one wants him.

Someone on PopJustice claimed that Tori Amos's Sin album only sold 6,000 the first week? Good God! That must be scary for her - if you've read her book, you know that she's a pretty fierce businesswoman. That said, everyone but Tori understands what is wrong with her career. Her new "HOLIDAY, not Christmas!" CD is not terrible at all, but I hope she records her next album in a new place with a new team. Life is too short to not take a chance. Artists don't grow without that and I am surprised no interviewer has ever asked her about this.

Finally, I have decided that Michael Buble is Lucifer. Sorry to his fans. I love Home, but several things put me off: the doughy nude photo, the shockingly cheesy fake-accent/cadence intro to the live Madison Sq Garden version of Home and, finally, a new album that is total pablum. Same shit every year. At least Josh Groban recorded with Imogen Heap - he tried to be cool.


countpopula said...

So sorry to hear about the shingles. A friend of mine got them last year at 20, and I diagnosed them! I am far from a doctor, but he told me he had sores developing on his back, and I asked to see them, then saying, "I think you have shingles!" Little did I know he'd come back from the doctor a couple days later and say I was right. They can be very irritating and painful from what I hear. Please take it easy--stress can set these off at any time.

When I saw Courtney lost some parental rights regarding Frances, all I could think was, "Isn't Frances like 17 years old? Isn't it kind of late for this?" Didn't we know Love was a problem years ago? I can only imagine what kind of toxic relationship those two share.

Agreed on the Fiona video, the Kate song, and the unoriginality of Subo, although she is very beloved by the masses. My store has sold over 200 copies of that album in 3 weeks! There is always something non-music lovers want at Christmas, and I'm glad this is topping that horrid Bocelli Christmas album. The fact that he does a duet with the Muppets and has music-whore David Foster as his director speaks volumes (Foster has also had a big impact on the career of a couple other artists you mentioned--Michael Buble and Josh Groban. I think he also did Madonna's "You'll See").

I love Morrissey, but I wouldn't want him on my label either. Nothin but trouble. Maybe he should do it himself.

I'm not sure Tori will wake up to the fact that her complacency has alienated most of her fans. She'll probably just chalk it up to a fickle public which has nothing to do with her. Sad seeing somebody I loved that much and who had a real impact on music become this irrelevant.

Congrats Roisin! Now for more music...

Vehbi said...

"Seems like she has been pregnant for 2 years. Well done Roisin!"


Myfizzypop said...

Shingles is awful and just sort of sneaks up on you from nowhere and knocks you sideways. Hope you doing ok. Love your mixtapes as you know - i'm totally with you on SuBo, and that Buble pic of his Boobs lai-d out has grossly disappointed me :/

Poster Girl said...

Ugh--I hope you're feeling at least a little better, or better soon.

"Stamina" is a great song--she's got so many...interesting songs stored up by now and so many failures to get another big mainstream hit that you'd think there would be some reevaluation about how she's being handled that would push her in a direction like that you described.

Yuяi said...

The Sky Ferreira track is badass! Thanks for the recommendation. I loves it.

As for Buble, all I gotta say is you a HATAH! LOL

Dan said...

I'm with you on Buble - what I don't like about him is how calculated he appears to be. That, coupled with the fact that he keeps on recording the same albums over and over again causes me to keep my distance.

You know that no one will ever be able to touch Stevie's version of "Stand Back", but the Sky Ferreira certainly bests the Rod Stewart version (not like that was hard or anything.)

That Madonna photo is pretty awful, but I love the one with her washing dishes. You can almost hear her saying "you mean you have to use SOAP for this?"

xolondon said...

I doubt Madge even washes her children's sippy cups. Unless she attaches weights to them.