December 13, 2009

Favorites 2009: Artwork of the Year

Paloma Faith's first appearance on the UK pop scene was with this image:

A survivor in couture. Could it be any more grand? Yes, it could. Here is her second single cover:

This made one wonder if the album cover would use beauty to create world peace? It was fine, but did not overwhelm quite so much. It still has the Paloma-esque qualities of vim, verve and vigor:

And the final single cover, still clever, if a little more bookish and down to Earth, lacking the painterly quality of the first two single covers:

Not only did Paloma pour her all into her "still" visuals, she killed it with the videos, including a debut, Stone Cold Sober, shot by the esteemed Sophie Muller, a woman who is highly skilled at making her artists (notably Annie Lennox, Gwen Stefani, Sade) look their best.

New York, like its single cover, was even better and equally pricey looking:

Finally, now that it was apparent Faith was not selling in big numbers, though it did go gold (300k+), she's toned it down for the third video - hope it's not too autobiographical. It fits well with the other clips and still looks lush.

At some point smart pop fans will discover this album and realize they made a mistake. If you don't have it, at least buy these tracks (if possible where you live -it's not on iTunes in the US!): New York, Play On, Smoke And Mirrors and Stargazer. Had I been pulling the strings for Paloma, I would have chosen Play On as the third single. Monolithic chorus! I believe Paloma is worthy of another album/more time to connect with audiences. She is a worthy star.

More favorite album covers this week...


countpopula said...

Very nice choice. Looking at those single covers makes me long for the day when we could actually hold single covers in our hands (at least here in the US).

She sold 300,000+ in the UK?! Wow, that's pretty good. I kept thinking if she could only get marketed in the US, things might break somewhat bit ala Duffy for her here. She certainly has the looks and the image, and who wouldn't want an Amy Winehouse-y character that isn't consistently going off the rails?

Poster Girl said...

Wow, those first two singles covers are stunning. The second one--well, it makes me wish I adored the song itself as much.