December 14, 2009

The Harding: Is it just me or does...

Sarah Harding's new song sound a bit familiar on the verses?

Sarah Harding Too Bad:

Julian Lennon Too Late For Goodbyes:

Back story: I once saw Julian Lennon quite randomly walking in a mall in DC (Pentagon City) in summer. He was wearing a sleeveless cream colored sweater with think gold chains and sunglasses pushed up onto the top of his head. He was very tan and kind of sleazy looking. So tragic! Like this. He was a cute pop star who deserved a few more hits. Valotte is an absolute corker everyone should have on their iPod.

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babs said...

I agree with you about Valotte. It's one of my faves and am always slightly saddened when I hear it at the grocery. And reminded that I still like it for its melancholia.